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About Us

“Catching simplicity” is the concept that inspires the ÈTAPE brand designers to create small masterpieces for their clients.

Laconic and clean lines in each collection of shoes and bags emphasize the minimalistic beauty of each model of the ÈTAPE brand.

Магазин сумок и обуви Étape

Your favorite accessories from ÈTAPE will remain relevant for you, regardless of the coming trends for a long time, going through the most interesting events and adventures with you. They will make your look individual, restrained and harmonious. Staying as comfortable as possible while being comfortable in everyday use and versatile for a wide variety of Mix & Match.

«Étape» means step in French, and we do our best for you to easily walk through life with a smile, enjoying the exquisite simplicity of our products and enjoying every step.

What is ÈTAPE? These are bags and shoes of original design, created for you with love.

Our main advantages:
• Italian leather and accessories from the best manufacturers
• Handmade
• Confident style
• Attention to detail and comfort

Beauty with ÈTAPE is easy!