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Refund policy

Exchange and return conditions

You can return or exchange any item purchased in the ETAPE online store, if it does not suit you, within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Exchange and return of goods of good quality is possible only if you have kept the receipt, the item has a presentation, all accompanying tags and was not in use.

To register a return, you need:

Fill in an application for a return (sent upon request by the manager of the online store) and check the package contents of the goods.

Possible ways to send a return

Important : all costs associated with the return / exchange of good quality goods purchased in the online store are borne by the buyer.

When returning to the item, you must  attach a check  and a  completed application  (sent on request by the manager of the online store).


  • It is possible to return a thing of proper quality only if its consumer properties and presentation are preserved (no traces of wear, the presence of original labels);
  • To consider a return request, you need to send us the product and a completed return application;
  • The term for returning funds for the purchased goods is up to 10 banking days (calculated from the date of receipt of the returned goods at the warehouse along with a completed return application) to a bank card;
  • Defective / incorrect items (goods that you did not order, or the size does not correspond to the ordered ones) must be returned to us with the original labels and in the original packaging;
  • We undertake the costs of shipping goods of inadequate quality . To do this, you must provide a receipt for the shipment attached to the completed return application;
  • Some categories of goods, such as bodysuits, cannot be returned and exchanged in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 M 172. More details  here