Terms of service


  • 1. These terms and conditions establish the procedure for interaction between the Internet-shop ETAPE  and clients online store ETAPE - natural and legal persons, Checkout by service "Shopping", located on the site etape.com.ua (hereinafter - site).
  • 2. The ETAPE online store carries  out the sale and delivery of goods throughout Ukraine.
  • 3. The ETAPE online store  sells goods at retail. The action of returning the goods is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine "On the seizure of the rights of customers."
  • 4. By placing an order on the site, the client unconditionally agrees to follow these terms and conditions and confirms that he is familiar with them.
  • 1. The order is made by the client by adding the product to the cart.
  • 2. An order is considered to be completed properly if:
    • 2.1. the client has filled in all the form fields to identify the client and contact him:
    • 2.2 Full name / name;
    • 2.3. Contact number;
    • 2.4. Address;
    • 2.5. Desired payment procedure (payment methods are listed in clause 5.1.);
    • 2.6. Desired delivery method.
  • 1. The manager of the ETAPE online store,  upon receipt of the order, checks the availability of the goods and, if the order is made in accordance with clause 2.2. of these conditions, accepts the order and contacts the client to confirm the details.
  • 2. From the moment the order is accepted by the ETAPE online store, the  client has the right to refuse the order or make changes to the order (delete / add goods to the order, change the characteristics of the goods (color, size, quantity, etc.). After payment account removal of commodity items from the order is not allowed.
  • 1. Employees of the ETAPE online store place  an order. Orders with the "PROCESSED" status, generated and confirmed before 15-00, are sent on the same day. In the event that you made an order on Sunday or a public holiday, then its shipment is postponed to the first business day following the day of placing the order. Sender city - Odessa.
  • 2. In the absence of any product in the ETAPE online store, the  employee checks the availability throughout the network and draws up an internal transfer after agreeing on the terms with the customer. If the product is absent throughout the network, the manager of the ETAPE online store can offer the client to replace the missing product with any other product. With the consent of the client, another proposed product is added to the order, in case of disagreement, the order goes into the "REFUSAL" status.
  • 3. At the end of the order formation, the manager of the ETAPE online store-warehouse notifies the client about the status of the order and issues an invoice to the client if the selected payment method complies with clause 5.1.2.
  • 1. Payment for the order is made in the following ways:
    • 1.1. Payment upon receipt (cash on delivery);
    • 1.2. Payment by card online;
    • 1.3. Payment through the liqpay system.
    • 1.4. Payment through invoicing.
  • 3. You can pay for the order in cash upon receipt of the parcel at any branch of Nova Poshta. The buyer pays the transfer fee. The cost of cash on delivery is 20 UAH + 2% of the amount (fee "Nova Poshta"). Payment for an order from a Visa or MasteCard on the website immediately after placing an order through the liqpay system. Payment takes place on a page protected by security certificates. You pay only the cost of the goods, no commission is charged when paying online.
  • 1. Delivery by postal services.
  • Free delivery to all branches of New mail and Ukrposhta when ordering from 1500 UAH. Delivery of the order up to 1500 UAH. carried out at the expense of the client at the carrier's rates in the following ways:
    • 1.1. Delivery service "Nova Poshta";
    • 1.2. Ukrposhta delivery service.
  • 2. Delivery of the order to the selected clothing studio ETAPE .
  • Delivery is carried out free of charge within 3-4 business days. The generated order in the open status "WAITING FOR MOVEMENT" is transferred to the central warehouse, and from there to the studio. Upon the arrival of the order, the client can try on the item and pay in a convenient way at the checkout.
  • 3. The online store-warehouse ETAPE is considered to have fulfilled its obligation to deliver the order at the time of transfer to the delivery service. The risk of death or damage to the goods after they have been handed over to the delivery service is borne by the client.
  • 4. FREE SHIPPING. Delivery for the client is free in the following cases:
    • when ordering in the amount of 1500 (one thousand five hundred) hryvnia: to the delivery service branches located in the client's city;
    • when transferring an order to a studio internally
  • The ETAPE online store-warehouse coordinates the delivery method with the client, but has the right, at its discretion, to choose and use any delivery method that is most profitable for itself.
  • 1. In case of delivery of the order to the studio, the return is possible only to the same address at which the purchase was made.
  • 2. Goods of good quality, ordered on ETAPE and did not fit for any reason (style, size, color), are subject to return and exchange within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase, provided:
    • absence of traces of exploitation and wear;
    • preservation of the presentation and consumer properties;
    • original and undamaged packaging and labels.
    • Shipping cost for return / exchange of goods is paid by the buyer. *

* Exception: manufacturing defect or re-grading (different size, color or article). In this case, the return is made at our expense.

Goods of inadequate quality (after use or with damaged labels) ordered on ETAPE cannot be exchanged or returned.

  • Product return process:
    • Fill out the return form (sent by the manager at the client's request to the messenger or e-mail);
    • Send the product and the completed form to the address indicated on it;
    • Receive money by bank transfer *
    • The term for the refund is within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the refund by the manager of the online store.

* If you received a defective product or was not sent what you ordered, and at the same time you paid for delivery - the manager will offer free delivery of your next order.

  • Product exchange process:
    • Fill out the exchange form (sent by the manager at the client's request to the messenger or e-mail);
    • Send the product and the completed form to the address indicated on it;
    • Contact the manager of the online store to book an exchange product.
    • Sending an order for an exchange is carried out after it has been fully completed and the return is received by the manager of the online store.
  • Return address:

Odessa NP No. 94, FOP Elena Igorevna Bezikovich, tel. + 38-050-316-38-31.

The full list of goods and the text of the law of Ukraine "About the protection rights of customers" can be found  here

If the returned goods cannot be exchanged and returned, sending the goods back is at the expense of the client.

In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions established by this clause, the ETAPE online store-warehouse has the right to refuse to satisfy the claim about marriage or shortage of any goods.